Question 1-2, 자동응답 메시지 & 뉴스

by 아몬드바나나

자동응답 메시지

  • 고객 안내용 녹음된 메시지 읽기
  • 중요도가 높은 표현(상호, 내선번호, 영업시간 등)에 강세두기
Thank you for calling Springwood clothing shop. // Unfortunately(↗), / we are not available to take your call. // Our hours of operation / are from 10 A.M. to 8 P.M. // For directions to our store(↗), / please press one. //  To leave a message(↗), / please press two. // Also(↗), / visit our website for more information / about our new collection(↗), discounted products(↗), / and upcoming events(↘).
  • Springwood와 같은 업체고유명사에는 강세
  • please와 숫자에 강세
  • 10 A.M. to 8 P.M. 숫자에 강세 to는 작게
  • our hours 발음 주의
  • operation o에 강세
  • leave [리이브] 길게 발음



  • TV, 라디오 날씨예보나 교통정보
  • 지명관련된 고유명사에 주의
Commuters in Gold Coast / will probably have a long morning today. // Because some water piples are under construction(↗), / several roads are temporarily closed. // Main Road(↗), / Lambert Street(↗) / and Stanley Avenue(↘), / will be closed to traffic / until March 16th. // Therefore(↗), / it is recommended / that commuters use public transportation instead. // Next week(↗), / the situation will be eased / with the completion of consrtuction.
  • probably 부사에 강세주기
  • several [세브럴]
  • today, tonight, tomorrow 강세
  • pipes are [파잎 썰-] 연결해서 읽어줄 것
  • Avenue [에브뉴]
  • temporarily [템포레럴리] 

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